Atari 5200 atari800_libretro.dll core. What do i need to do?

Using this core, I receive this message:

I know Atari 5200 works perfectly in MAME, but I am interested in using this core because of the Bezel Project I recently learned about. As far as I can tell, you need to use this core for the bezels to appear for each individual game correctly.


That means you need an actual Atari OS / BIOS image for the model you’re trying to run. We can’t provide that, as it’s copyrighted, just like games and other ROMs. You’ll have to source it on your own.

Anyone have any other info? Like which of the five 5200 bios is needed? What folder does it go in? Does it need to be a folder in a folder? What does that folder need to be named? I have read dozens of threads on this forum and none seem to help guide me to what seems to be a very straight forward question. Clearly, someone knows how to make it work as it would not be the supported core for the Bezel Project.

The attitude’s not helpful. Keep it up and get banned.

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The core generates a .cfg file in the root RetroArch directory.

You will find many lines that have to do with various rom paths. I have 4 roms:





I’m just posting my paths as an example. Make sure your paths are correct in the cfg file. You can see the folder structure and names as well. You probably don’t need all these roms (the 5200.rom is the one you really need) but i’m not sure. I just happen to have those.

Hey, Sorry @hunterk for my BM. I was out of line.

Anyway, after cooling off and a little more digging I have figured it out.

For the Atari800 core, if you get this error and you have the correct bios (listed here) in the system folder, you need to delete the .atari800.cfg file located at the root of the RetroArch directory. Then run the game again. It will then open in Atari Memo Pad mode. Press F1 to open the RetroArch menu, go to Options, then Atari System, and change it to 5200. Close the game and it should then work.


Hi guys, I am new to the forum and am looking for help getting atari 5200 games to work.

  1. I am using the atari800 libertro core
  2. I have configured “atari 5200” as system under this core’s options
  3. My roms are in the “.a52” format
  4. I have the “5200.rom” bios in /system folder
  5. .atari800.cfg is pointing to the bios file in this folder
  6. When I try to launch any 5200 rom (with atari800 core selected) retroarch crashes

What am I doing wrong? What additional info can I provide, if any?

Verify that you .atari800.cfg file is in the main Retroarch directory (not System). Open up the CFG file and verify the following entries:


Also make sure no errors in the entry to the ROM (you said you checked, but worth a verify) as well as it is the proper checksum (CRC32: 4248D3E3) required by RA:

ROM_5200=YOUR DIR PATH\Retroarch\system\5200.rom

Both are verified to be the case but still the same behavior as stated above.

Had the same problem, however this was using the EmuVR wrapper. Had to change to Atari 5200 from within RetroArch to get it up. However, for some reason, the screen is warped. Like wrong Pal /NTSC or something. Any ideas?