Atari800 issue with detecting systems

I’m using this core to run Atari5200 games and it works great. However, if i want to run Atari 400/800 games with it, i have to manually go to core settings and change the machine type to “Atari 400/800”. Then if i want to run 5200 games, i have to change that again.

There is no way to save core settings per directory, so the only way to save this settings seems to be saving a core settings file for each game. But that’s not very useful, considering you need to save a file for each Atari 5200 game separately. So, is there a way for the core to autodetect which system i’m using?

Funny, I just have cracked my teeth on the same issue. I’ve posted “Core Feature Request”. Perhaps more people supports this request and developers will consider adding it in the future.

Look at my post here: Core and Feature Requests

Also, search the forums. There is a post from 2018, where one of the guys copied and renamed atari800.dll (core) and did dirty hack using hex editor. This allowed him to associate 5200 games with atari800 core and A8 games with other core. I tried to do that without the re-editing copied core file, but it failed because renamed core file still writes entries to the retroarch-core-options.cfg as atari800 (thus overwriting emulated machine selection for original core).