Automatic Core Updater Python Script

Similar to @alfrix Windows script here, I put together a python script to accomplish the same thing. This should work on any computer with python installed. You can download it here.

To use:

  1. You need python (2.7.XX or 3.XX) installed (and the requests module)
  2. Download the file
  3. Edit the settings at the top of the file with a text editor to meet the needs of your installation (note my script was setup on my mac, but if you change the settings it should work with any system)
  4. Run the script using:
    python "...path_to_file/"

Notes on this script:

The first time this script runs it will re-download all your cores, it’s normal. (only the first time). Every subsequent run, it will check versions available and only download and install the core if it’s a newer version, or a new core.

Bonus points: Setup a command alias in linux/osx/whatever for quick running of this script.

  1. Open your systems ~/.bashrc file (in linux) or .bash_profile file (in OSX) in your favorite text editor
  2. Add the command alias like so and save the file:
#add alias
alias retroarchup='python ...path_to_file/'

Now from the command line you can just call the command retroarchup for easy quick updating.

Zs-Computer:~ z$ retroarchup
Getting list of available cores...
Downloading core
Downloading core
Successfully installed easyrpg_libretro
Successfully installed dosbox_libretro
Zs-Computer:~ z$
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