Backspace key

Hi all, I recently upgraded to retroarch 1.9.0 I noticed that I can no longer use backspace on the keyboard to go back, however when I use the ds4 pad and press the circle button it works just wondering is there any way I can map the backspace to go back?


Works Fine for Me.

So it’s not just 1.9.0 that does that.

Hopefully someone can help you fix this Problem

It used to work, hopefully its just some kind of setting I overlooked.

Some Links I found about this a Bit:

So i removed the old retroarch.cfg and then booted it up which seemed to have fixed the issue however I lost all my other settings lol.

But Thanks for the help

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More than Happy to Help Mate. As people helped me

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You probably enabled the “unified menu controls” option, which uses the retropad keyboard mapping instead of enter/backspace.

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Oh that must have been it, good to know if it happens again at least I’ll know how to fix it.

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