Beetle HW Issues on Nvidia Shield 2017

Was mostly playing NES and SNES on RetroArch but decided to try FFVII for PS1. I looked at the Youtube videos and I prefer the quality of Beetle HW but I am getting a lot of video and audio stutter and no matter how much I play with the settings I can’t seem to resolve it fully.

Using RetroArch 64 bit nightly build from today.

Is there a recommended set of settings both in RetroArch and in the Beetle HW core for this device? I couldn’t find anything clear on the forums.

Beetle-PSX-HW is borderline on Nvidia Shield ATV. I would recommend checking out Duckstation, which is a brand new core that is significantly faster than Beetle-PSX-HW but has many of the same features.


So far, genius! Most of the same options and looks just as good. I was able to push internal resolution to 9x (4K) and only had minimal stuttering on some screens with multiple 3D objects in FFVII. Backed it down to 5x (1080p) and seem to be good so far.

Thank you!

Is Duckstation more like Beetle PSX HW Core or the Beetle PSX Core?

More like HW. It has dynarecs, hardware-renderers and PGXP (last one is brand new, not sure if it’s exposed in the libretro core yet or not).

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