Beetle HW Vulcan - internal resolution higher than x1 issue

System info:

Beetle HW, Vulkan renderer. Nvidia GTX970. Up to date system drivers, all of them.

So I’ve been playing Vagrant Story.

This game uses sort of a trick to create illusion of DoF/Blur when object or character stands close to camera by, from what I can tell, duplicating it’s 3D model on top of existing one, slightly enlarging it and changing its transparency.

And here’s my problem. When using internal resolution of anything other than x1 you end up getting artifacts at the edges of the models. Did anyone else encounter this problem?

Images showing the issue and how it should look when in software mode:

SW x1

Vagrant Story (USA)-200811-053107

HW x1

SW x2

Vagrant Story (USA)-200811-053149

HW x2

SW x4

HW x4

Tried using Duckstation or Normal Beetle PSX Cores?

Screenshots with SW are from Normal Beetle PSX Core.

I’m interested in a solution for Beetle HW with Vulkan, not looking for another emulator, but…

I’ve also tried, outside of RetroArch, PCSXR-PGXP and ePSXe, both using Pete’s OGL2 Plugin. Internal resolution increase on those two does not produce the artifacts.

GL and GLCore renderers when chosen for beetle do not produce the artifacts, but are incapable of rendering framebuffer effects.

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The HW Core can Cause things like this and other Graphical Issues on other Games.

Sorry I don’t think they are Fixable at the Moment

I’m well aware that HW Core can cause some issues. I’ve dealt with different issues in the past.

I’m posting about the issue to see if I’m the only one affected or maybe if others have that issue as well.

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Well… Curiosity got the best of me.

I’ve checked the Duckstation. Result: No artefacts.

Duckstation internal resolution x8 (click to see picture)

So it seems the issue is Beetle HW, not Vulkan renderer dependent.

Now if Duckstation had better aspect ratio control, because as it is, it stretches the image too much in height…

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