Beetle Psx and Flycast Issues

Hello there,

I’m trying to play Ps1 and Dreamcast , but all the time I run any rom the game starts too slow with a very low frame rate. The sound is also cropped.

I’d assume my pc maybe hadn’t the minimum specs required, but if I switch to emulators dedicated to this consoles, such Redream and Psx, the game runs perfectly.

This is kind frustrating, because I’d like to get all my emulators alltogether in Retroarch.

I’ve changed all the options in core menu and still it’s impossible to play any game.

Dos anyone have a practical suggestion to help me with this issue?

My specs:

Windows 10, Intel i5 2.30Ghz, 8gb Ram, 240 gb ssd, GPU Intel® HD Graphics.

Kind regards.

Are you talking about Beetle PSX ou Beetle PSX HW? I had perf issues with those two if I had enabled Run-ahead in Latency section. Needs to be off for best results. Have you tried PCSX Rearmed? It seems lighter