[Beetle PSX HW] Perplexed by bad performance but low resource usage

OS: Win10
I’m getting time-stretched, crackling audio and frame drops, but when I look at taskman or Game Bar’s resource utilization metrics, I see:

  • 5% CPU utilization (overclocked i9 CPU)
  • 50% GPU utilization
  • 25% RAM utilization

Shouldn’t I be seeing spikes exceeding my system resources when I have performance issues? How can I tease out the bottleneck causing this problem?

Thank you!

Have you checked your OS’ power consumption settings to make sure they’re set to “max performance”?

Good suggestion, but it’s set to max performance.

Specific setting: image

Sounds like a vsync problem.

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Yesterday, I decided to take another crack at this. I started by updating RetroArch and the core to their latest versions. Then I… did nothing, because it worked perfectly.

Your guess is as good as mine.

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