Beetle PSX HW - Texture corruption at high IR

I’ve tweaked this up and down, but the only fix has been to run at native resolution. Am on the latest stable versions of RA and the core.

Oddly, this only started happening when I began running on my new system, which uses a GTX 1660 instead of SLI GTX 970s. Could be a driver issue?

Visual Example

In this game, texture corruption only happens when the character moves or when the camera rotates beyond a certain threshold. Upon initial paint, it’s fine.

Linkable Album:



paging @hunterk because he’s endlessly helpful and I know happened to have worked on this core recently

much gratitude in advance for any possible help or advice

I know someone else reported this behavior recently but we never figured out what was causing it. It happens with/without PGXP, as well?

Correct, it does. IR enhancement seems to be the trigger.

Does it happen if you increase the IR in the software renderer?

No this issue only happens with the hardware renderer.

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