Beetle PSX not loading

When I try to load load the Beetle PSX core (both “normal” and HW) nothing happens: the lower left corner of RetroArch still says “no core”. I tried to load other cores and they show up.

This is strange because it happens on one of my PCs but not the other, with the same exact version of RetroArch.

Did you have the Bios in the System Folder?

Yes, the same bios(es) in both PCs

If it’s saying “no core” that usually means something catastrophic is happening, like the core is compiled for a different architecture, etc. We’ll need to see a verbose log of you trying and failing to load the core to even guess what’s going on.

I enabled the logs and it turned out it was the absence of the paging file (I had disabled it because that PC doesn’t have an SSD and windows was excruciatingly slow).

[ERROR] Failed to open libretro core: "C:\LaunchBox\Emulators\RetroArch\cores\mednafen_psx_hw_libretro.dll"
[ERROR] Error(s): The paging file is too small for this operation to complete.

The funny thing though its that this behavior occurs only when I launch retroarch from inside LaunchBox. If I run retroarch from its own .exe the core loads even without a paging file.

hmm, perhaps launchbox is forcing it to cache the preload/cache the game to RAM?

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