Beetle Saturn Astal Slow


The Saturn game Astal runs really slow and is practically unplayable… Most other saturn games I have tried in the beetle saturn core run just fine. I know beetle saturn is the libretro port of mednafen’s saturn core and in the stand alone mednafen astal runs just fine. I was wondering if there is any way to get it to run full speed in retroarch or if something changed when they ported it over to libretro.


Does anything show up in the log? Error messages spammed while it’s running, etc? If you disable vsync (hit spacebar while the game is running), does it go faster?


Disable Vsync does nothing to speed it up and as for the log no there were no errors listed.


There is a new version of Mednafen Saturn, aka Bettle Saturn, Retroarch still use 0.9.48 the new version is 1.21.3, this version correct many games, like Shinig Force 3 and Astal, but I don’t know how often Retroarch updates his cores.


What are your specs? I just tried it and it ran 60FPS with mid frame sync on and hard gpu sync set to 0. Awful game but it runs fine.


like pc specs? AMD FX6200, GTX 1060 6GB version, 8 gigs of ram.


Any chance of Mednafen 1.22.1 Beetle-Saturn core update on the horizon ?

A lot of games has been fixed, e.g Astal and Linkle Liver Story, just to name a few.


It has been updated for days now to 1.21.2 and the latest updates are already applied waiting for twinaphex to apply them. I do not know how that works, but they are as approved but lack merge with the main branch that apparently has to approve twinaphex or something like that.

With those updates, the core would be already updated and several games fixed.