Beetle Saturn not loading games


I am new to Retroarch only been using it about two weeks now. Everything seems to run fine for the most part. Until I tried to load a Sega Saturn game. They issue I am having is that Beetle Saturn keeps trying to play the game as an audio CD. says 22 tracks and nothing plays. I have the right bios that I need. Should I try another core or how do I know the rom/iso is bad?


Yeah, that sounds like a bad ROM, but if you post a log, we can take a look:


Sorry it was a bad rom. Dot anothjer games to run no problem.


Or maybe an european iso ? Every time i tried to load one, beetle saturn would fail.


I will definitely check that out. Thanks


PAL games totally load up in Beetle Saturn. I have the entire PAL set. I remember I had to find another PAL BIOS though.


for the sake of documentation, could you post CRC32/MD5/SHA1/SHA256/SHA512 of the bios that worked with PAL content if its not one already in the .info?


Do I need a tool to check that stuff or is there an easy place to do so?



@SkyHighGam3r And you can still load US games with the same bios ? mpr-17933.bin is used for both EU and US games, maybe only one or the other can work at the same time depending on the bios you set.


Figured out how to get that game working. I had to use CDmage. It didn’t find any errors but after I saved it to a new file location with CDmage the game started working.


@hunterk - I’m not following these instructions properly or something. I can’t get the command line to perform that function after installing that program to C:\FCIV

@BarbuDreadMon - Yeah, I just tested it a second ago too, just to be 100% sure. “mpr-17933.bin” loaded both Burning Rangers (NTSC) and Darius 2 (PAL) no problem.