Best shader to mimic look of a PC Monitor (Win 98 / XP era)

Hi guys,

I’m looking to run ScummVM through RetroArch and want to use a shader that will mimic the look of a PC monitor around the 98/XP era so I suppose it’s something that has higher res, but just have no idea of what would suit best to match that kind of display technology at the time?

Thanks guys Craig

If you can use slang shaders, I like crt/vt220 (you need to change the filter on all three passes to “linear” to avoid it looking a little jaggy):

It makes the bezel image and does reflections onto it, similar to HSM’s bezel reflection shader, but runs faster and has less room for customization (and is much less fancy overall).


Absolutely beautiful!

A few questions if that’s ok?

  1. What system / game are you emulating here? Is this DOSBox/ScummVM?
  2. Can you please provide any download links / details of how you configure/where you place the appropriate files?

Thanks ever so much - it really does look excellent! Cheers Craig

It’s scummvm.

It’s a slang shader, so you’ll need to switch your video driver to glcore in settings > driver and then close RetroArch and reopen it. Then, go to the online updater and update slang shaders.

Then, load the core+content, go to the quick menu > shaders > load shader preset. Go to crt > vt220. When it loads up, it’ll populate the passes at the bottom of the shader menu. In each pass, go to the line that says “filter” and press left/right until it says ‘linear’. When they’re all at linear, hit “apply changes”. That’s it.

If you want it to apply every time you load the core, in the same shader menu, go to ‘saving’ > save core preset.

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Thanks ever so much for your reply, very much appreciated indeed. Going to give this a try over the coming days. I have a separate install of ScummVM and the pixel perfect mode is great, but it looks like you’re using ScummVM ‘core’ itself here so I’ll need to take a look at how to get that working via RetroArch first.

Thanks again for this :slight_smile: Craig

Yeah, scummvm-libretro

Another option is to use lottes and change these parameters: Hardpix - 20 Hardscan - 6 Shadowmask - 4 Bloom - 0 or .05


Another option:


Yet another option would be to just use the triad dotmask pattern from “dotmask” and call it a day. PC monitors from that era were actually quite sharp. You might add a slight gaussian blur.

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@Nesguy could you share your preset?

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