Big Suprises Coming Shortly - Tweet

Excited what they could be

Maybe a Supermodel Core (:rofl:) But on a more serious (and less jokey) point, the bsnes/higan HD port

Doubt’s it’s the BsensHD Core as there already a Video about it on the.Libretro Youtube Channel

I hope it is a fixed mame core (mame2019) :joy::rofl::innocent:
It’s a pita to update my few roms every month :grin:

Well its been 8 Hours since they Tweeted that so hopefully superise not far away

Flycast - WinCE running on Android &

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Still more to Come - Awesome

Here’s me hoping that somebody finally managed to port PCSX2. That would be huge. Probably not though :stuck_out_tongue:

The other announcement:

bsnes HD :thinking:

I’ll take it :grin: It should make F-Zero feel like it’s been remastered.

Although the core crashes on Linux with “Illegal instruction (core dumped)” when trying to load it.

I’ve seen a few people mention this but I’m not able to reproduce it. Any chance you could get a backtrace with gdb?

Will this be helpful?

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Yes, that’s helpful, thanks. I think we know what’s up and will hopefully have a fix available soon.


I’m glad it’s taken care of. :slightly_smiling_face:

Same here with Linux (Ubuntu 19.04)… hope a fix can be made, I was totally hyped by videos of Super Soccer in HD mode 7 + widescreen :slight_smile:

Was great News for People who use Android to play Retroarch

Any idea of when the Linux crash will be fixed?

Seems it’s not actually related to what we thought was causing it. We’ll need to do more investigating, I suppose.

Btw, it’s fixed now in core version 110.


Good news ! It does not crash anymore, indeed. Btw I don’t understand of core update is done, when you install retroarch with the PPA. You have to update manually each core with “Online Updater” function ? (That’s what I did to get bsnes HD “110”)