BIOS files for non-jailbroken iOS devices?

Recently I installed RetroArch to my iOS device using Cydia Impactor (I’d use my Android tablet, but I can’t find a good solution to recording internal video and audio on that platform without root). I’m trying to load in BIOS files, but I can’t figure out how to put it in any directories RetroArch can read.

Can someone please tell me how to load BIOS files into RetroArch for iOS or a good solution to screen recording on Android with internal audio and without root (do not say Mobizen, it doesn’t work)?

@OrphanedPixel Just use my version : [Download] RetroArch 1.7.7 + other emulators (iOS)

It has instructions for everything on my website that is linked… :wink:

I think you must communicate with the support staff. They have the solution for this.

I solved this problem, no need to jailbreak or use third software . just use itunes and it’s so easy.

  • Use itunes open Retroarch → system, build a new folder called BIOS.
  • Copy the three files (5500,5501,5502) .bin format into BIOS.
  • Open Retroarch → settings → Directory →System/BIOS,click
  • Chose the first PATH, the very long one, NOT THE “/”
  • Chose RetroArch→system→BIOS→Use This Directory

OK, Load your core and enjoy.