BNES-HD doesn't have all the options

Hi all. Looking for a sanity check here. I’m not the latest nightly retroarch, all cores updates.

I try BNES-HD libretro core, and it looks the same as Higan. I update some of the mode 7 settings, it still looks the same. I restart F-Zero, it still looks the same.

I load BNES-HD stand alone emulator. I up the scaling and resolution… OMG IT LOOKS AMAZING!

It seems like not all the options might be available in the retroarch interface?

Anyone else have similar or different experiences?


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I believe you need to do a full ‘close content’ and re-load the game for res changes to take effect.

It works right away for me on Linux, no need for closing :slight_smile:

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Mind checking what settings you are using? The difference between the stand alone version and libretro version are night and day to me.


The “HD Mode 7 Scale” option works immediately for me on Linux. It takes effect after closing the RA menu and resuming the game.

Maybe you have enabled the “HD Mode 7 Supersampling” option? This makes it more difficult to tell if HD is working, because it downscales again from HD to 240p.

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These are the relevant options:

bsnes_mode7_mosaic = "ON"
bsnes_mode7_perspective = "ON"
bsnes_mode7_scale = "4x"
bsnes_mode7_supersample = "OFF"

Are there more options in the stand alone?