Borders or No Borders on New Automatic Theme?

You may have noticed that there’s a new theme called Automatic that has been added to the mix. It’s based on the Systematic theme, but it has outlined icons, similar to the Super Famicom box art.

I’d like to get your opinion on the square borders on many of the icons in the theme as you can see in the screen cap below. Do you like the borders or should I remove them in a future revision?

I liked your explanation on github that the borders signify RetroArch/system stuff, while the borderless ones are core/game stuff. I wasn’t feeling them until that. Now I think I like the visual cue.

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I don’t know if this is viable, but in Windows 10, for example, there’s the highlighting frame, would be cool to have this.


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I’m not really sure if that would be possible, as the XMB automatically scales icons to highlight as its visual que. It would definitely take some programming beyond what’s currently in the codebase to make such an effect work correctly.

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I like the icons but I would prefer them without the borders. It gives the same feeling to the pixel icons but without the font which it awesome

I like the ‘idea’ of a visual cue for that distinction, but I think it would look better w/o the borders personally. Maybe you could ‘fill in’ those icons instead? Might look cool. Either way, nice work.

I’ve decided to leave the borders on the Automatic theme since they serve the purpose of helping you know which sections are OS or Application-level functions, as opposed to emulation and gaming functionality. I don’t really want to fill them in, as that breaks my original design specification to stick with the outline.

The opportunity is waiting if someone wants to fork the theme and support a non-border version. The files are readily available at src/xmb and baxy-retroarch-themes.

@alfrix created the “Retrosystem” theme by forking and remixing the Retroactive and Systematic themes, to the point that he fulfilled the vision of the original “RetroActive Marked” theme, but also did an excellent job of putting his own spin on it.