Bounty for touch ups on builtin video player [$50]


There is no video player core!

L and R for previous/next file in the folder. Repeat single file / whole folder option.

That’s how it works for mpc on windows. It’s great to loop small clips and cycle through them. Some speed steps could be nice too.


Great suggestions! L and R are currently used for changing audio and subtitle track, but you don’t usually change those too often, so I think they can be moved to Quick Menu.

What do you mean by speed steps? Seeking is already available on the d-pad if that’s what you mean.


Like 0.5x , 1x, 2x… speed steps with whatever button, or an analog stick.


I think I know what you mean now! :slight_smile: Draft updated.


SRT subtitles support and remember last video position are must-haves, thanks for opening this thread.


Bounty is now open! Check the github and bountysource links at the top of this thread.