Bug in Beetle PSX

I just discovered a bug since I recently got a processor that is actually able to handle doubling the resolution in Beetle PSX and discovered that the resolution setting does not stick when you close the game and go to another. The strange thing is that the setting appears to stick as it does say that it’s 2X instead of 1X but the game clearly runs in 1X. The problem can be worked around if you just toggle the setting from 2 to 1, then back to 2X, then the resolution will switch. Not a massive deal since Beetle PSX HW doesn’t have this issue when running in its software mode. Just thought I’d bring it to someone’s attention. I tried this on version 1.7.8v4.

I asked around and apparently at least some people are aware of this issue. Would you mind checking at the repo’s issue tracker and make an issue if one doesn’t exist?

I’m not a fan of known problems without a matching ticket. It makes it too easy to forget about things.

An issue has been made.

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