Bug? SNES HIGAN super mario world



I noticed all the games i’ve tested on Higan have the standard 2 frame input of the snes. HOWEVER when playing Super mario world on Higan I noticed it has 3 instead of 2. on the other cores like bsnes mercury balanced for example, super mario world only has 2 frames as it should.

Has this already been reported?


Yes, it’s known. It’s a result of not adjusting the runloop to jive better with libretro, since we didn’t want to diverge from upstream higan.


will it be something that will be fixed? or should i just another core for super mario world?


No plans at the moment, but it’s an additional frame on all games, not just SMW. If that frame is a dealbreaker for you, use bsnes/-mercury.


weird, i’m testing it with other games and they are all inputing on 2


SMW has an extra lag frame than most other games. You should notice in SNES9x/Mercury/BSNES it has 2, while others have 1. Then higan adds an extra frame on top of that for everything.


Does the run-ahead feature solve this at all?


Run ahead is a bit much even for a 1700x 8 core 16 thread processor on Higan. It slows down and then crashes (Higan without runahead is smooth as butter using barely any resources on the same system) Then on bsnes Mercury it runs great on runahead but anomalies happen. Like Mario will not remain crouched he crouches and does a quick stand up every so often


Here is a quote from the release of run ahead talking about system frames (it’s where I based my testing off of)

“A new innovation in Retroarch takes this (trading performance for decreased input latency) one step further: below real hardware. Basically, most games, even on older hardware, have some built-in amount of input delay. On many NES games it’s 1 frame (16 ms), on a lot of SNES games it’s 2 frames (33 ms) and so on.”

Are you guys sure it’s adding a frame to all games? Because everything ive tested in all cores has been 2 frames. Just not smw in higan


Sorry I made a few edits to my post. I felt like my response could have gotten mixed “understanding” The information is confusing I just want to get it straight. From what I’ve known NES has 1 frame on hardware, and SNES has 2 on hardware. Which coresponds to my testing apart from that 1 case.


It depends on the game. You have to test each game individually and adjust them as needed. Some games have only 1 frame of lag but some have ridiculously high amounts.