Cache Hierarchy Error in RA

First of all, the following phenomena may be happening only in my PC environment.

On some cores the PC restarts without blue screen. This is especially noticeable in Beetle Saturn, and in the worst case, the PC restarts right after the game starts.

When I look in the event viewer, the error that is occurring is a Cache Hierarchy Error. (Nothing in the RetroArch log). When I look into this error, it seems that most of them are caused by early CPU failure, and RetroArch may have nothing to do with it. However, the same phenomenon does not occur with BizHawk’s Saturn emulator. Both Beetle Saturn and the BizHawk version are based on Mednafen, and I don’t think there are many differences.

By the way, Cache Hierarchy Error has not occurred so far in other apps. Also, there is no load on the PC when the error occurs.

Is there any way to get around this error with RetroArch?

OS: Win10 64bit CPU: Ryzen9 5900X GPU: GTX1070 RAM: 16GB