Cadillacs and dinossaurs bootleg the bgm sound loop version

theres a clone rom of dinossaurs back to 2000

is it running on mame or fba core now? today?

This version of dino

China arcade room got a lot of PCB board

I can find one to ship

Where is shipping address?

We need to dump this ROM

Stage 4 boss fight

The music is loop when boss give his special attack

how can this title screen

didnt been emulation via mame yet?



these rom exist?!

these are for mame core and fba core title screen

it has been sent to Caps0ff for analyzing it. Waiting to get decapped


someone told me should be this guy

sean riddle didnt reply my email

so should be


how i contact caps0ff? i think theres no way to contact anymore …


what now?


I’m not familiar with this board set, so I read through the messages. Someone mentioned a PIC microcontroller driving the sound, but I don’t see a PIC on the PCB. There is an EMC EM78P447AP by the audio section. That’s an ELAN microcontroller that’s very similar to a PIC. The datasheet says this chip is one-time programmable, which means it’s an EPROM with no window. That means that bits can’t be seen visually, even if the chip is decapped. The datasheet also says there’s a protection bit to prevent the code from being read.

There’s no programming info in the datasheet that I found, and none of my EPROM programmers support it. So at this point I don’t know where to start. I’ll look for more information about the chip and see if anyone has dumped one yet.



I think this is not the best place to ask about hacks, but I can clarify some things.

MAME and FBA don’t run Hacks, HBMAME is the emulator that has specialized in that.

FBA doesn’t exist, now the emulator is called “FinalBurn Neo” (FBNeo) and it has also absorbed a lot of HBMAME Hacks.

RetroArch does not support HBMAME but it does have an official FBNeo Core. If that game is emulated, possibly FBNeo has it.

I suggest you to check the complete list of hacks that FBNeo supports, I think the game you are looking for is this “Dinosaur Hunter”, it is the only one that has sampler in loops.

this seems to be a different bootleg as it starts in different stages and the boss music is different.

FBAlpha already supported hacks.

Edit: Is the game you are looking for the one in that video?
It is exactly the same as FBNeo’s., it starts in the same scene and has exactly the same music.

Maybe FBNeo doesn’t have it, I think it’s the only one with samplers, but it would be a matter of checking well.
Also the complete list of HBMAME hacks, apparently it has more than 200 hacks of that game. (O_o) I can’t test them, unfortunately we don’t have that core and it doesn’t have a linux version.

I had no idea.
But I’m curious, FBNeo has exclusive Hacks? That don’t appear in HBMAME?

Good question, it might be the case since some hack authors are directly contacting us whenever they release something.

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you sure?!

this clone rom isnt been emulation by anything yet…

if you can get this title screen

you are gold…