Can you use Cheats on FB Neo?

I go to to get Cheats for Retroarch but I see they don’t have any for Neo Geo CD and other Systems on FB Neo.

So I was wondering 2 Things:

1: Can cheats work on FB Neo?


2: Where could I find cheats for them?

I don’t use this, but people reported they do.

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How did they say they did it?

They didn’t go into details, but by using RA’s cheat feature i guess.

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Same as the other FBA (except 2012). Still wondering why the 2012 Cores dont accept or allow Cheats.

In-Game, Press L3+R3 to bring up the RetroArch Menu (or whatever Button Combo you have in place). Move down to Cheats, then move down to Load Cheats if you have made your own, or you can Search/Create Cheats (Start or Continue Cheat Search Menu)

If you have MAME or FBA Cheat Files, you can use those as a way to find Codes through RA. RetroArch will only accept .cht Files. So .xml and .ini Cheat Files will not work.

These are the Cheats I have made that you can use and Add on to


It was never implemented, there are very few reasons to use those cores in the first place so i guess no one cares.

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Well I recently Updated my Vita RetroArch and it seems like the 2012 Cores are working much better than Neo or the FBA latest. :frowning:

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You mean for performance ? Maybe try with frameskipping and/or cyclone enabled ?

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