Cannot login on Browser

Hi HunterK and Team.

I just wanted to tell you there is something bonkers here. Although I verified my account, I cannot login on any other device than my smartphone. name/password combo is exactly the same. It won’t let me login, so I had to use github in order to post here.

Please help me.

ok, looks like you have 2 accounts. Do you want me to try and merge them?

yes, please. I just want to be able to login.

Can you try to login again? I did some stuff to your account that hopefully fixed it up.

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unfortunately, there is no password reset mail sent to me. :frowning:

I tried sending you another. Any luck?

no, I had to register another account unfortunately :frowning:

but maybe you can tell me how to hide OSD controls on iPad and STILL go back to retroarch menu when needed? I just use the stylus for some games and controls are annoying. but how to get back to menu without OSD controls when I only have the apple pencil? Is there a gesture for that?

There’s no gesture, but the “immerse” overlay is invisible by default until you touch the screen, and then it brings up some menu stuff.

thanks for letting me know. for me it is always displayed. I want it the way you described it. only to show up when I touch the screen and the onscreen controls to go away when I do not touch the screen. how to achieve that?

Go to settings > onscreen display > onscreen overlay > overlay preset > misc > immerse > im.cfg

Hello all. I have created an account with my same username and password.

For some reason I seemed to have been maybe removed or something. I would like to let the staff know that I am not a troll or anything. I would like to request to not be banned or anything for no reason. I posted nothing and as far as I know I didn’t break any rules.

The reason I created it again is because I couldn’t login and I’m sure I input my password correctly. Me being able to create this account again should prove that it was hopefully removed be accident.

If you created an account and then didn’t use it for anything, it gets automatically deleted to get rid of forum spam (that is, spammers will create ghost users who never do anything but have spammy profiles; our profiles are not indexed by search engines, so they don’t achieve their goal, but it still fills our forum/hosting with garbage that we have to maintain).

Since you’ve made this post, it should avoid auto-deleting it in the future, AFAIK.

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@hunterK Okay, thanks for letting me know.