Can't escape MAME (latest core version) menu

Usually when i run a core (i have a dozen installed) in Retroarch, i just need to double press “Esc” to leave the emulator. But when i launch a mame game (using 0.220, but i had the same probme with 0.219) i just can’t escape MAME menu. I’m back to the mame menu but no matter what i can do, i’m stuck in MAME. Even the Exit menu of MAME doesn’t leave the emulator.

The only solution i have found till now it to go in the fast menu, then go back to the main retroarch menu and then go to “Quit”, which is not convenient at all… For information the only input remap i did was my Xbox 360 pad.

I would just like to leave Retroarch like for any other core. Am i missing something ?