Can't find Play! core anymore

Hi! I used Play! core in the past, now I tried to redownload it but I can’t find it anymore! Is it normal? Has it been removed (why?) or the problem is just mine? I’m using last version of Retroarch, the 1.9.0 on Linux Mint.

It’s lacking a recipe for our new automated build system. We’re working on correcting that. No ETA, but we’re aware of it and hope to have it corrected soon.

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Ok; thank you so much for your fast replay! :slight_smile:

@FinixFighter the Play! core is now back in the online updater.


Great! :smiley: Keep up the amazing job!!

I can’t find source code based on libretro or .so lib of play!emulator. Maybe the name of play emulator is not play?

I can’t find source code or .so lib based on libretro of play!emulator. I looked for it on and on website : . Maybe the name of play emulator is not called play? where can I find the source code and .so files?and how to get it. thanks a lot!

Because the Play! core is upstream.

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