Can't get certain Konami games to run in MAME

I had something similar happen that I’m still lost on.

I’ve been trying to load games like Parodius and X-Men (The Konami arcade game) for ages and for the life of me i just cant get it to work, tried different cores, even tried clmamepro and that didnt do much of anything, it literally just won’t run (crashes).

Anyway i can fix it? I read the steps for MAME, rom sets, clmamepro, and made sure everything was right and they still don’t run (TMNT runs and simpsons runs, though 2 player isn’t working)

Retroarch 1.7.3 32bit System: Surface Tablet 3 Core: Mame 2003 /Using a 0.78 romset. Games: Sexy Parodius, Goku Parodius, XMen, Bucky o Hare.

Best crash log i have :

Both Parodius games work fine for me using MAME_2016 core. The ROM and bios i use are from the 0.168 set.

Should I try that? I’m fine if i have to use a few emulators for a few games but I use a surface tablet so im not sure if I can run that

Sorry, can’t help you with that since i don’t have a tablet, only a PC. But i don’t see why you shouldn’t try it.

Ah gotcha.

If i find a set then I can totally try it, I have clmameepro, which i assume rebuilds a rom to the appropriate version of MAME, but even with reading the instructions several times i just cannot get it to work for the life of me, tried tons of combinations in settings but the roms still don’t work after that.

If it helps you, i personally never use that utility. I just happen to have a 0.168 set and that’s the closest i have for MAME_2016 (version 0.174?) so i expect most roms (if not all) to work with it.

Building the roms with clmameepro may fix a rom but what if it needs new files? Just renaming it isn’t enough sometimes.

It could also be a problem with the bios file and not the rom itself. Even bios files get changed sometimes and become incompatible with other versions of the emulator. That’s the reality with MAME in general. Everything changes and you never know what is going to work unless you have the exact correct rom set a version of MAME needs.

I see

When I use it for Parodius it creates a few folders, i forget the names off hand but I think its based on things like clones or child roms. They all have one file and when I cross reference it with other files, its the bios (The Konami GX one), not sure why it does that and thats the only file they have.

When I got it from the romset it already had the bios file (300a1.34k it says) for it inside, not sure what thats about, it could be it though? cause what happens is RetroArch starts loading it, it runs at the bottom, but then it stops.

EDIT: Did more testing, nothing more came out of it, though i think it is the bios, when I load it without the bios inside, it doesnt load (Cannot load content) but when it is in there, retroarch crashes. I tested it with Goku Parodius and Salamander 2 and the exact same thing happens. I also got a seperate BIOS file from a different source (Though it has the same statistics listed) and that didnt work either.

EDIT 2: Finally figured out the problem, rewind just straight up breaks some of the games, Still got some static sounds in a few other games.

I think only fba is supposed to be totally safe for features relying on savestates (netplay, rewind, readahead, retroachievement, …), i worked a lot on this.

Yup. I happened to have it on when using other cores like NES (Exceot N64 but that doesn’t run great on my attempts) and didn’t realize it just crashes MAME (although it doesnt crash if i turn it on ‘after’ loading it…I kinda feel like the biggest idiot in the world since i didnt figure that out til later

All i got for problems now is that certain games have this awful static when i load it (Burger Time, Moon Patrol), This doesn’t happen in FBA but not every game that does it runs on that