Can't get rumble to work on PlayStation (Beetle PSX HW) core

I can’t get rumble to work with Beetle PSX HW core in RetroArch x64 1.7.0. I have got a Logitech F710 controller which works in both DInput and XInput modes, but rumble feature isn’t working with either. I tried setting Joypad driver to dinput or xinput, and choosing User 1 Device Type as DualShock, but nothing can make vibration feature work at all.

I recall that in past releases of RetroArch, switching to XInput used to enable rumble, but this isn’t working anymore, just can’t get the controller to vibrate in either of the controller modes. Could anyone tell me how do I get rumble feature to work? I really like the combo of RetroArch and Mednafen PSX core, due to the emulator accuracy and and nice features, but I’m almost switching to another emulator due to lack of rumble support. Thanks in advance.

Commenting for following, same issue; I’m using a blissbox with a rumble chip

I have the same problem with an xbox 360 controller. No rumble with dualshock setting.

I was curious why my retroarch folder was about 1.5 gb big and therefore started fresh with a new retroarch instance. With this new instance i never updated the controller profiles and set the controller to Dualshock. With this rumble works now in Beetle PSX HW.