Can't launch Virtua racing and virtua fighter

Hi, i can’t launch these 2 games in my retroarch, i tried all mame and hbmame cores and fbneo.

With mame cores i get crash or “failed to load content”

With Fbneo i get “[FBNeo] Romset vr is unknown, aborting” for virtua racing,

or “[FBNeo] Romset vf is unknown, aborting” for Virtua Fighter.

Please help me

FBNeo doesn’t support the Virtua games IIRC.
With mame you need the following devices in the same folder as your “”:

  • “”
  • “”

Virtua Fighter doesn’t work at all IIRC

NB: the roms have to match with the mame version. Eg. mame (current 0.225) needs a mame 0.225 romset


Thanks for following my question.

I have these 2 files and roms for mame 0.220, with standalone mame no problem the two games works, just an error message when i launch virtua fighter but it run.

With retroarch hbmame (mame 0.220) i get crash, which core are you using and which romset version do you have?

My others mame 0.220 roms like toki, galaga, qix, 1941, 1942… run perfectly with mame 2015 (0.160) on retroarch but not virtua racing.

hbmame doesn’t support Virtua games:

With the latest mame core (0.225) the two games are working (kind of)

Please don’t mix versions. 0.220 roms can work with mame 2015 if nothing has changed between versions, but it is advised to use the matching core: 0.220 roms with 0.220 core. Or 0.160 roms with 0.160 core.

Romsets can change drastically between releases as new roms get dumped, names become different …

Best way to check if a game and a core is matching, is to use something like “Romcenter”, “Romulus”, “Romvault” or “Clrmamepro”.

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Thanks, where i can find the latest mame 0.225 core for my retroarch ? its not in updater. i use romcenter to fix my roms, is there a possibility to downgrade mame roms ?

Since the latest hacking attack, mame is currently only available from the github page:

To downgrade you need the appropriate romfiles for the version you are aiming for.

Virtua Racing didn’t changed from 0.209 - 0.225 but Virtua Fighter had the 315-5724.bin added in 0.217 and updated in 0.218.

for more info you can look here:

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:+1: Thanks a lot you are a hero :+1: working well with 0.225

I started the arcade emulation 1 week ago and it is quite difficult but fascinating.

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Maybe you want to take a look at my guide on how to make hiscores work in mame (0.217+)

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Thanks for the guide, i just followed it and tried with succes to add and change language in mame core (french) but the french don’t work and my standalone mame french work well.

Good job for this guide

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I have the * “” but im not able to source “” Im on this since two weeks full time

a hint ?

if you search for this “Sega Model 1 I/O Board”

you should find your ^^

I am using a non-merged MAME romset and I have no issues running Virtua Fighter on the (MAME - Current) core.

I also didn’t have to collect any bios files. (The non-merged roms eliminate the need.)

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both games are running on my end with a merged romset with the current core

This thread is 2 years old :wink:

True, but my post was a response to one only a day old.