Can't Save Games on Amiga Cores

I can get into games most work Fine but when I try to save game I seen 2 errors

1: Says to Format but when I try to do it says Format Fail.

2: Says its Write Protected. I turn it off in Core Options and make no Difference

Save States work but I prefer to save normally.

Please Help

IPF disks are write protected and the hack for saving to them via a replacement file isn’t worked in the core:

Most games require saving to a separate save disk anyway, and that can be created and done via the virtual keyboard by toggling CapsLock and pressing the SVDS (save disk) key. First press creates the disk, and afterwards it switches between that and the previous disk, and in the future the save disk will be appended to Disc Control.

And the whole issue is gone when using WHDLoad versions. And the Write Protection core option clearly says it does not apply to IPF disks. And you absolutely don’t want to format the original game disks.

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Thanks You. Figured it out now

How can I convert the .ipf Disks(Got from No-Intro Pack) to the WHDLoad Versions? No

Having the statusbar open would have shown the problem with that game (Deuteros). It wants the save disk in drive DF1: if the game is started with multiple disk drives, which is very rare.

Simply disable the “Floppy MultiDrive” option for that game so that there is only one disk drive, and then it works fine. Libretro Disc Control interface currently can only operate on the first disk drive.

You don’t want or need to manually make WHDLoad installs from IPFs since they already exist out there. It is possible, sure, because those are the proper sources for them, but if you need to ask how to do them, don’t. Pre-installed Retroplay LHAs are the way to go.

Tried k240 but says Disk is not Amiga Formatted.

How do I do that Please?

Apparently some games don’t have internal format options, so you need to format the disk in Workbench then.

Hmm, the save disk creation does preformat them though, but that game won’t detect it. Perhaps it wants a certain label with it then. That can be achieved either by relabeling it via Workbench or by creating a M3U file manually:

I’m referring to #SAVEDISK:VolumeName. The label after | is only visual aid for the menu.

Okay but I have never used Workbench before.

So can you Please help me With/Use it Please

Workbench is pretty much like Windows was for DOS. It can be installed to “HD” with the Global Boot HD option, or just use it straight from the disks.

Using Workbench is not core related at all, but global Amiga knowledge.

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Never used Amiga up to now so Just Starting Out.

Just doing something now so I will give it a Go and Report what Happened

Thanks @sonninnos for Helping me with this. Very much Appreciated

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I very much recommend ditching all the hassle with disks, and go for the WHDLoad versions. No disk swaps or loading times, and saving is automatic.

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I will go looking for them Later.

Just heard No-intro has the best Dumps

No-Intros are 100% retail copies, which in the case of computers are not exactly best in terms of usability. As in you need to dig up manuals in many cases for copy protections etc.

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That is a Very Good Point.

Try find the WHLoad ones so they be easier to use

Got the Workbench Make a Disk but now it says they Disk is Full.

Playing k240