Can't swap discs (Beetle PSX)

Hi all, I’m having a problem that’s really got me stumped here. I’m using an m3u playlist for a multi disc game and I can’t seem to get the disc to actually swap. I tried going to the menu, going to disc control, ejecting the disc, switching to disc 2 and going back to the game. Thing is, when I go back to the game, the disc hasn’t swapped. Bringing the menu back even shows it’s currently on disc 1. I tried going back to the game halfway through, I tried running the emulation while the menu is up and I even tried switching to hotkeys, none of which worked. I made SOME headway with hotkeys as it finally gave a message indicating the disc door is open but when I hit the swap disc key, even though it said “setting disc in tray 2/2”, after pressing the key to close and hitting start to proceed, the game (MGS) still asks me to insert disc 2. Now, I know it’s not a problem with the disc image because I can boot the cue file with no problems. I also directly copied and pasted the file name into the m3u and I double checked it to make sure I did it right and everything looks kosher. I also checked other multi disc games and they have the same behavior. I even tried updating to the most recent stable build, followed by updating to the most recent nightly build, and updating the core, but nothing is fixing the issue. I still can’t change discs.

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

I am having a similar problem too. I created a .m3u file for Driver 2 and it won’t switch discs to Disc 2 at all for the story mode when prompted too.

You might have to do the switch in another emulator and reimport the memory card file back into RA to do it.

So, try it in Mednafen and how do I reimport that memory card back to Retroarch?

I remember it working fine here under mednafen PSX on Driver 2, will try it again soon and come back with results.

I am using PCSX Rearmed if that matters, but other than, everything else is pretty much the same as the OP’s problems. I might try again later with a different game in the same core, maybe download FFVII or Gran Turismo 2 and see what happens.

Hm, I assumed right away it was Mednafen PSX, anyway, I’m a mission away to finish the first disc and will try swapping discs, if it does not work for PCSX Rearmed, you can use my save, there are no collectibles so it shouldn’t make any difference.

I have Mednafen emulator downloaded from their website, but never tried to play around with it much. My .m3u files load there, but I use a laptop and I have no idea how to play around with the game files much to put cheat codes in and what not. Also, I have no idea how to change the hotkeys for disc swapping to something else besides F6 and F8.

Edit- I believe I have things figured out, at least for me, and I’m not sure if this will help the person in the OP or not, but I named my .m3u file after the first disc of the game. I also got Gran Turismo 2 to work it appears, but not with RetroArch save states, but in-game save states are working last I played today. I’ll try it again later sometime when I have time to and see if things continue to work on a playable scale for me. And I deleted the Mednafen emulator I downloaded off my machine as I couldn’t figure it out.

I just uploaded a video swapping discs in Driver 2, note I’m using Mednafen PSX and a m3u file.