Caprice32: Two joysticks not supported

I tried to get some two player games running, but it looks like that both gamepads are always mapped to joystick 1.

That’s a pity.

Some games offer to use custom keys, so the caprice setting map 2nd joystick to “qaop” is a nice workaround. Ikari Warriors, for example.

Couldn’t play Gauntlet. :cry: I tested it on Windows 1.7.6 and Wii (nightly build).

As a quick test, I also checked ?joy(0),joy(1) in BASIC. joy(0) shows gamepad 1 and 2 events. joy(1) nothing.

And why the hell can’t I use SHIFT key on the keyboard to hack “()” in for same BASIC commands. Virtual Caprice keyboard isn’t very user friendly…

@DSkywalk Maybe you could help me with this, too. :innocent:

hello @revvv!

Games with weird keys configs and when the game dont allow redefine them you need to use: CONTROLS option to remap your pad. In gauntlet the keys are:

(i dont know why but) You only could customize player-1 keys. I usually just set player 1 to qaop (that allows redefine any key on controls) and I set player-2 using normal default joy.

In controls menu you need set User-1 to Keyboard and User-2 to Joystick again.

Now configure controls: TAB/CAPS/D/F, COPY and SPACE.

and save your remap, yep is not a very friendly process… ATM computers on RA new a lot of work.

Hope this help, and sorry for my engrish ;_)


Thanks a lot for your instructions, but I’m not sure if I understood that correctly: One player still needs a keyboard? But I wanted both players to use joysticks.

BUT, as you already added joystick 2 yesterday, it solves everything. I tested it with my private build for Wii (which supports my USB controllers) and it works perfectly! Thank you so much. :star_struck:

?joy(0),joy(1) now shows two joystick movements :cowboy_hat_face:

Nope, you bind each amstrad-cpc-emulated-keys to your pad buttons :slight_smile: you dont need any keyboard if you configure the game :thinking:

Yesterday I was researching how implement a second joystick (real hardware have an upgrade Y-Cable to connect two joys) and i think my first implementation is working great :slight_smile:

my english is terrible, sorry :adhesive_bandage:


Ahhhhh, but your new solution is way more user friendly, so thanks again!:+1:

I had a Y-Cable back in the days, but without diodes, so it was pretty unusable. (The players influence each other, only for alternating two player games usable, but then you only need one joystick, still get mad about the manufacturer. :exploding_head: )

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