Change old dates to display slightly differently if possible

This is just a minor request for the forum. If there is a setting for, I could not find it. The dates for a post or replies look almost identical regardless if its a month or year, just a little tick difference. June '21 looks almost identical to June 21, whereas one means June 2021 and the other means June 2024, 21 (off course depending of current year).

It’s not the biggest problem, but even if I know this, sometimes I forget and misjudge a recent reply as being old and may not pay too much attention (because I think its outdated). Depending on the color scheme and font, it might be even easier to miss. From usability standpoint this is not ideal, especially for people who are not aware of this.

So my proposal is, if its possible, to display long date for older dates and short date as before for content from current year: June 2021 for old and June, 21 for current (notice the comma).