Citra BIOS location?

Hi I have been messing about with Citra.

It’s working well, but I have two boot ROMs which I hope will help with compatibility:

  • boot9.bin
  • MD5: d8675e80e5dd3a9afaaf885d79b14e9c
  • boot11.bin
  • MD5: 43454041b0cddf1a34c130593afa8b9b

I would guess these go into Retroarch’s System folder as loose files?

But I wondered if they need to go into a Citra specific folder (in System) :thinking: like the Citra folder in the Saves folder.

I couldn’t find anything that mentioned them so I was hoping somebody can help?

It appears the core doesn’t look for them via any libretro interface, so I would suspect you would need to put them into whatever file structure Citra makes on its own.

Thanks :+1: I tried the default Citra folder location:


(and also the Citra folder in ‘saves’ in Retroarch).

I was curious to see if I could use those boot ROMs to help with compatibility, or open encrypted games, as for some reason I thought I’d read it was possible somewhere.

But think I misread some information :roll_eyes: I don’t think Citra actually supports those files (yet).

They can be used with ninfs

I guess I’ll wait and see how things turn out, it’s an impressive emulator so far :relaxed:

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