Citra core crashes immediately


So I’ve had this problem for a couple of days. Didn’t think much about it, assumed it wasn’t on my end and that it would be fixed shortly. Then Citra drops the fat performance update and the core is in lockstep, so I assume any troubles people might’ve encountered would be well known and reported by now. Seems I’m the only one, then.

What happens is I’ll load the core with its’ own .cfg through LaunchBox. The .cfg specifies ‘gl’ as video driver, otherwise it should be identical to my regular .cfg. Using absolute or relative paths for ‘libretro_directory’ doesn’t matter, and no attempt to produce a ‘verbose’ log has been fruitful. This is the only message I get as I try to load Mario Kart 7:

[INFO] Loading dynamic libretro core from: "C:\Users\metam\Desktop\Spel\Emulatorer\RetroArch\cores\citra_canary_libretro.dll"
[ERROR] Failed to open libretro core: "C:\Users\metam\Desktop\Spel\Emulatorer\RetroArch\cores\citra_canary_libretro.dll"
[ERROR] Error(s): unknown error 127


When I try to load the core up in RA by itself (that is to say, outside of LB), I simply get ‘No core’. :thinking:


That core needs updated RA with the new redist (compilation environment changed).


THANK YOU! Works like a charm!


Can you give me more info on this? I am pretty new to RA and when I try to load the core through RA nothing happens and it still says “no core”

I deleted the old core and updated to the new one.

Thank you


Get a full install nightly, or the smaller one with just the exe + the redist.7z (extract the dlls alongside retroarch.exe).

That link is for windows x64.


Thank you. That made the core load, but now I am getting “failed to load content” when trying to boot a game. I downloaded the redist.7z


You need decrypted roms.


That’s quite unfortunate.


Sadly there are both encrypted and decrypted roms out there with that extension.


I see. That is quite unfortunate.


Does anyone know of a program I can run all my .3ds roms through to test if they are decrypted, and then it automatically moves them to another folder?