Citra Screen Gap Request

Sorry if this is not the correct area for this. I just wanted to ask if it were possible to implement a screen gap option into the Citra core like desmume has for the regular DS. This is a very neat feature as it allows you to customise the layout for a border overlay. I have found a very nice border overlay for the 3DS but it is not useable without the simple screen gap option.


I wonder about this same issue. Did you find a solution to separate the screens?

Unfortunately, I did not. You can manually change Citra’s config file to adjust the screen size but not create a gap as far as I am aware. It is so silly not to have this simple feature. I understand that not everyone uses an overlay, but it would be nice to have it as an option like the DS.

How hard is it for them to include that option? They created an entire core that can scale up to 10x. I think they are also behind MelonDS core cuz that core also does not have that option. I guess they have strong religious beliefs againts screen gap option in Citra and MelonDS cores!!!

I cannot imagine it would be hard since it is doable on other cores; it merely hasn’t been done. As silly as it may sounds, this is the only reason I do not play 3DS games on my setup.

Same here. When I play any system I make sure to include an overlay and a BIOS to make the experience as most authentic as possible.

You could try the Mega Bezel, It allows screen positioning & size adjustment

The Mega Bezel shader pack is here

And @Duimon has made some wonderful 3ds presets here:

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Thank you for the excellent suggestion. There are some fantastic overlays in the Mega Bezel collection; however, they merely aren’t the same as an overlay of the entire handheld. Someone needs to create a screen gap option.

For now, I have implemented this overlay which can be downloaded here. I customised it to remove everything around the handheld itself. Although it looks weird without the gap between the screen, it is the best option out there for those wanting the entire unit displayed on the screen.

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@Duimon, I can’t remember, do you have one showing the entire 3ds?

I do; I have one similar to THIS where it has the correct ratio/size having that gap in between the screens. The one I have does not have the background and font surrounding the handheld. I would post the one I have, but I cannot see how to attach something here.

Almost the entire handheld.

And the screen gap should be perfect. :grin:

It is the 3DS_Vertical_Alt_XXXXXX preset.

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I think I figured out how to attach an image; this is the overlay I wish to use:

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Hey dude, I figured this out now. I downloaded the mega bezel shader pack and choose a 3ds shader from it. it came with like a hundred options, I just needed to change the screen gap value to fit my screen overlay. Here is the result :grin:


From that point you can zoom in and enlarge your screens if you like. Try the “viewport zoom” setting at the top of the Megabezel options.

I use now this 2DS overlay cuz it has better focus on the screens enlarging them. I don’t like 2DS systems cuz they don’t have 3D effect, However this is a very beautiful looking system. I will wait until someone make new 3ds xl super famicom overlay. It is the best looking 3ds system to me :smiley: