Command & Conquer - Red Alert - Retaliation (USA) PS1 Graphic Glitches

on Beetle PSX and Beetle PSX HW

Video Shows down Bottom Right in the 2 Squares weird things are Flashing.

Is there a way of Fixing That?

Does it on all Videos in the Game that makes the Campaign Almost Unplayable

If you’ve tried resetting everything to the default settings already, I think the only thing you can do is report the issue on Github.

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I think I found what the Problem was.

I had Cheats On and When I tried on another Computer when I turned cheats on the Graphics Played Up but when I deleted the Cheats and Re-Started the Graphics Glitch was Gone especially in the Main Video’s.

Also had Skirmish Games Freeze as well but I think that most likely because of the Cheats being on too

I did report it on Github

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What about regular, non-HW Beetle PSX? Isn’t this game 2D? If that’s the case i don’t see the benefits of using the HW version.

Checked and the Same Glitch Happens on all of the Core’s.

I found when I activated a Instant Build Cheat for Skirmish Mode that the Glitch Starts to Happen and Turn it off to Fix it and might need a Re-Start to Fix the Graphic Glitch