Commodore 64 Game Load Blue Screen Freeze

I have never really used a Commodore 64 so I might be missing something easy.

But when I load a C64 Game the Title Screen Comes up and when I press Enter/Shift/ESC just comes up with Blue Screen where I can’t do anything.

Here is the Video I made showing what Happens:

Can someone please help

Try some other versions or games. Some cracks are broken, or you need to load some other file than the first on the disk.

Also Esc as in RUN/STOP will break many bits of code, so try pressing some other keys like Space.

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It might be still loading…just wait a little more.

That was it.

Fast Forward then it Loaded after a Bit.

Thanks @Hari-82 and @sonninnos for Help.

See how I go now with trying out Commodore 64

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Yep the floppy drive sound is a pretty good indicator that something is happening which requires waiting.

The core has an option for internal fast-forwarding AKA warp when loading, so you might want to turn that on, since it is faster than the frontend fast-forward if you have the horsepower.

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What are the Systems Requirements to have it work?

It always works, but obviously the maximum speed depends on the hardware.

The fast x64 core has much faster maximum speed than the accurate x64sc.

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Much Difference between the 2 Cores outside of Speed?

Only in the graphic chip VIC-II emulation, which in practice does not manifest much in games, but some demos do have issues. says

As of version 2.3, two C64 emulators are provided: x64' (fast) and x64sc’ (accurate). As of version 3.4 `x64’ will no more get built by default and is not contained in the default binary packages.

The fast C64 emulator, called `x64’, features a fairly complete emulation of the VIC-II video chip: sprites, all registers and all video modes are fully emulated. The emulation has been fully cycle-accurate since version 0.13.0.

The accurate C64 emulator, called x64sc', features a cycle-based and pixel-accurate VIC-II emulation. This requires a much faster machine than the old x64’.

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