Console & Game Themed Bezels

I started giving a look at the matter before work issues dragged away my time.

Do you happen to have made a sort of tutorial like the excellent ones you linked in this post on that matter?

Here is a realistic Arcade Bezel for Sega Genesis Console for use on Retroarch.

You can download it here -

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My Retroarch Overlay Settings for Video, Options and Shaders

I really love the wonderful art of your overlays. Just want to know if are there plans for an Amiga, or an MSX one.

Thank you. I appreciate it. I might make an amiga overlay if the core improves on Retroarch.

I have one for MSX.


Hey @Orionsangel, I still have your borderless console overlays, does the new ones have that option? Do you have an online folder for your overlays or something?

Hi. Just downloaded the file at the first post on this topic, and it lacks the MSX one. Downloaded again just to doublecheck. :slight_smile: That was the reason I asked for one. The file in the youtube video of MSX overlay does contain it.

Great work and thanks again.

Oh thank you. I’ll have to correct that.

Which new ones are you referring too?

Mostly the arcade and computer overlays, I believe you made almost all consoles borderless versions.

This is a Tutorial on how to fix the gap on the left side of the screen for some Atari and Sega Master System games when using overlays on Retroarch.

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I made this bezel a while back for the Streets Of Rage games on Sega Genesis for Retroarch. Today I updated it a little bit and decided to release it. Seems appropriate now with the release of Streets of Rage 4. I hope you guys like it.


These are bezels I made a while back for the first five Tomb Raider games on Playstation. I use them on Retroarch. They’re now available in 1080p.

You can download the 1080p bezels here -


Thank you very much to you, Reignstumble, and RetroKenesis. You’ve done so much great work and I appreciate you all for doing this. I loved the PS2 art style, same with the PS1, GC, and everything else. Again, THANK YOU! :smile:


Good morning. I was with the retroarch working fine, it doesn’t have the cheats and wirked very well. I always use tje shader hq2, that one that its very smooth. Then I aciddentaly upload overlays and cheats, and now when I put the shade that I always used on the games (Alex Kidd, sonic, Mario) the games stays very slows. How can I delete these overlays and cheats that I uploaded to see if the system backs to normal? Sorry for the english

You should start over. Do clean install of Retroarch.

This person at Reddit modded the, Genesis Mini to use my Genesis overlay. I love it! :partying_face:

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Here is a console themed bezel for the Wii-U.


Where can I dl the Wii U Overlay? I don’t seem to see a dl link, and I cannot find it in your pack from MediaFire, or EmuMovies. @Orionsangel

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The link is now is the description of the youtube video.

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