Controller issue in PPSSPP core with FFT:WotL

For some reason on the game Final Fantasy Tactics War of the Lions the analog stick will not register a left direction press. Right works fine, so the X axis in general works. I’ve verified that left analog left in general works both in the retroarch config and other cores - in fact even in the PPSSPP core itself with final fantasy III it appears to work perfectly fine. It also doesn’t matter how I have user 1 left X mapped to any given buttons, or even on android using the on-screen controls, it just doesn’t work at all.

I tested PPSSPP directly and it appears to work properly on the direct emulator, the changelog doesn’t mention anything about controls but as far as I can tell the ppsspp core is currently on an older build than the base emulator, so it might be some bug there?

Yeah, could be a weird old bug. It’ll go away if/when we update PPSSPP, but we’re currently stuck on this version because of FFmpeg :confused: It’ll require a full re-port to get it up-to-date, and we just don’t have the time/manpower/will for that right now.

This issue still exists

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Can confirm the issue is still present to this day. Is there any chance this will be fixed?

The core has been rebased to upstream, so if it’s fixed there, it should be fixed here.

In spite of whatever upgrades have been made, this issue still persists.