Controls remapping: easier way than cycling through all keys/buttons?

Hey guys! Is there an easier way to map keyboard keys to controller buttons than to cycle through them by pressing left and right?

It would be such a time-saver if one could just set keys by pressing them, or at least by selecting them from a list.

Hey folks! Has anybody been able to find a different way to map keys in the “Controls” submenu of the Quick Menu? Cycling through them really takes a long time, especially when it’s a keyboard-driven game.

Which core for example?
Usually you can only cycle through buttons you have defined in Settings - Input - User XY Binds.

Ah, you’re talking about the global binds where controllers are configured.

I mean for example this:

  1. Run a game in DOSBox
  2. Open up the Quick Menu while in game
  3. Go to “Controls”
  4. Set “User 1 Device Type” to “Keyboard + Mouse”
  5. Scroll down to button remap options (e.g. “Auto: LT (axis)”)

Now in order to assign a keyboard button to a controller button, you need to cycle through all the keyboard buttons by pressing left/right on the d-pad. You can’t just press any keyboard button to assign it.

Aah, i understand. Never used DOSBox myself. Strange enough i don’t have Auto: LT (axis) :sweat_smile:

In my control quick menu i have:

But you are right. I have to cycle trough all the keys until the right pops up.

Thank you for the explanation :slight_smile:

Yeah, I guess the labels change depending on which controller you’re using. Really hope there’ll be an option to map keys by pressing them or at least selecting them from a list that you can scroll through.

If there is such an option and I’m just not seeing it, I’d really love if somebody could point it out.

[EDIT] iI think i misunderstood you. You are using a gamepad, am i right?
I thougth the whole time you want to remap a keyboard :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

After digging deeper i noticed this in the docs:
Keyboard - Keyboard inputs are always active.

So unless your keys don’t collide with RA hotkeys it should work without remapping the controls in RA or am i mistaken?

To be on the save side delete all RA hotkeys and remap Menu toggle and Quit RetroArch to keys not used ingame)

All of the keyboard controls should be handled by the game.
RShft is Run / Space is Open / Ctrl is Fire and so on

There is no way ATM I made the remapper, I wanted to do something better but menu code is… a bitch.

I have mocked up the “ideal” functionality recently:

But I don’t really have time to work on that atm

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Hey @anon24419061, yeah, your mockup looks awesome!! I’m glad you’re aware of the issue and have an idea about fixing it. Even though you won’t get around to it soon, I’m happy to wait.

@ImnoTapLumber, yeah, I’m trying to map keyboard keys to controller buttons using Retroarch’s “Controls” menu. :slight_smile: