Convert bash launcher to work with batch?

I ran into

I’d like to run exe/lnk/bat files instead, on Windows. I edited and compiled their library, thinking I could get system() to work similarly in win. But no results. Wouldn’t run anything. Nothing printed with --verbose.

Any ideas? It seemed simple on first view.

try replacing system() with CreateProcess()

In a separate script I can run ShellExecute(NULL, "open", "FULL_PATH_TO_EXE", NULL, NULL, SW_SHOW); just fine, but in the library nothing happens. And I get no printouts either, even though I’m using --verbose. Their library was recently updated, so no doubt it works with libRetro. Why is it not working and not printing with RetroArch?

Anybody got any ideas I could try? Shame it doesn’t work and gives me no useful information to try to figure it out.