Convert GBA *.srm to *.sav using an hex editor


Greetings. In a thread I saw that a *.srm save file can be converted to *.sav using an hex editor (or using an utility created by a forum user). This is the thread I’m talking about: .SRM to .SAV Incompatibilities

However, it’s the first time I use an hex editor. So, is any editor enough? I will use GNOME Ghex which can be installed from my distribution repository. Will that editor work?

Also, if I understood correctly, I have to compare both files and remove the data from the *.srm that is not present in the *.sav file so the *.srm file turns into a 128 kB file, right? Are two files with the same data needed? For example, two save files of Super Mario Advance of a new game. Because I suppose that I must remove the data that is used only in the *.srm file, so if I use two files with different data stored I won’t be able to know what’s the difference between the *.srm and the *.sav.

I hope I explained myself well and thanks in advance.


Yes, that hex editor should be fine, and using save files from the same game will make it easier, though it’s probably not strictly necessary.


i dont understand why you would want to leave playing GBA in retroarch, which is from what i understand you want the *.srm to be converted to *.sav is about.