.SRM to .SAV Incompatibilities

While everybody is busy with overlays and save paths and what not, I want to ask something that I really want to know:

Is there a way to convert a Retroarch .SRM file (136kb) to a .Sav File (128kb)? I ask this because there are a few games that I would like to play in other platforms with the same save file; like Romhacks of Pokémon, for example transfering the save to my phone when i’m outside, and playing it on the Wii when I can relax at home.

I can rename .SAV to .SRM and it works in Retroarch, but once Retroarch rewrites the file (By saving the game normally) the memory magically transforms into 136kb, making it imposible to read in other emulators or programs like editors and others.

Is there a way to make Retroarch create a .SAV files instead of .SRM? Can I edit those .SRM files to be able to work with other software?

Thank you in advance.


Yes, there are two ways:

  1. Use a hex editor and compare the differences between them, you’ll find that it’s not really a different format and that the data is still there. Extracting and writing that data to a new file will get you your .sav back.

  2. Use a program that automates the above: HERE Just drag and drop.

I think TheMaister or Squarepusher is the author, it’s from along time ago I can’t remember and I can’t find the original post.

I actually was taking a look at the files with a Hex Editor when I decided to see if someone answered my post, and I see this. That tool was exactly what I needed! I tried with a couple of GBA SRM files and it did a fine job, I hope it works with the rest too, I’ll try later!

Thank you a lot, SuperrSonic, as well as Squarepusher and/or TheMaister for creating this handy program!

Hate to necrobump, but I am having issues converting my .srm to .sav to put on my GB cart so I can play on hardware. Tried the converter program given but it won’t run at all. Any thoughts? Tried dropping the .srm on the program, and I get no .sav.

I just redownloaded the save converter and tried to change a save file (FF I & II Dawn of Souls) and it worked. I dragged the SRM file (136KB) and dropped over Save Converter.exe and it created a SAV file (64KB). Try to change the name of the save file to something shorter, (Although I tried with a long named file and it worked, so I don’t know)…

Now, you talk about GB games… When I tried with a GB game, it gave me a 136KB SAV file, which isn’t right. When used on an emulator (VBA on PC just to try) it didn’t have any data (or the game saw it as corrupted and erased it), and when I closed the emulator I had a 8kb SAV file… Just like the SRM.

So I tried the silly idea of just renaming “Mole Mania.SRM” (the game I was trying with) to “Mole Mania.SAV”… And it worked fine!

So just rename the file’s extension for GB games. I hope you figured it out already as this answer is quite late.

This tool would be super useful! But I’m having a problem with it. It converts my 128KB SRM file to a 136KB SAV file? Any solution or troubleshooting for this? Or could I send my SAV over to one of you with a working copy of the tool?

you dont need to rename an already 128kb or less .srm gba game. just rename it to .sav or whatever the emulator you want to use for it (dont even understand anyone would play other emu if already using retroarch…)

Anyone knows if this tool still works?


I try using it and it prompts me to install it, like installing an app outside the store it says, I don’t know if this is legitimate.

OS is Windows 10 Home x86

I actually need to do the opposite i need to convert a 8kb .sav i was using to 136kb .srm save file for retroarch.I want to migrate from mgba and use retroarch instead so is this possible?