Core and Feature Requests


Thank you. I actually managed to add my own thanks to hunterk’s post, but that would be great for others to benefit too, cause it’s a real game changer.


I Love to playing with Retroarch but there are some point that i miss hardly.

my most wanted features for next years:

-native 50 Hz PAL support for all systems (could be switchable over quickmenu, pressing a hotkey combi or perfectly should be set automatic if you start a european/brasilian game).

-C64 Core with Auto-Playlist and easy disk-swap possibility in quickmenu

-Amiga Core with Auto-Playlist, WHDLoad

-better/simplier Support for input-things like Driving Devices, Lightguns, Trackballs and Paddle Controllers

-more features to setup a controller ( Analog Stick Adjustments, Callibration, setting Controllerstyle, Hotkey-Mapping for QuickMenu for each Controller individually)

-better Support for unofficiall Controller Adaptors (f.e.: the most common mayflash adaptors for SNES and N64 Pads are not working correctly and simply no other adapter i tried runs without some issue [thanksfully mostly minor issues])

-better integration of MAME2014/2016 (importing some of the cool quickmenu settings from FinalBurnAlpha can do a nice job in some cases i think)

-little more accurate Dreamcast and Saturn emulation

-DOLPHIN :sunny:


C-Dogs would make for a cool core too. Even better if based on C-Dogs SDL port, which added additional stuff.


A port of Mesen emulator would be great. It’s the most accurate nes/famicom emulator out there.


The dev lists a possible libretro port in the roadmap on the git page :smiley:


I must have been living under a rock. Never heard of Mesen until today. Tried it on my pc and I’m sold!

Libretro port please!


radius started working on a port but the core is written in C#, which complicates things a bit. Here’s hoping the author decides to do it upstream :slight_smile:


This thread is not dead, MeowPC98 is almost done and I may do requests again then.


yes you’ve done a very good job so far with MeowPC98 ! one step before the Beaver toothless!


Hello Is it possible to have all the cores from Android armeabi v7a availeble for android x86 devices? For instance there is only mame 2000 and mame 2003 versions avalible of the mame cores on x86 android devices. There is a lot of capable android devices with x86 processors. including the chromebooks. thanks


I would like to have more Game&Watch games added to the HandHeld Electronic (GW) Windows core. Is it possible to port the Madrigal simulators or any other simulators available online to this core? The existing G&W games in Retroarch are awesome, and I would really love to see this list growing up!


px68k libretro core an X68000 emulator.

Very WIP but usable. tested on linux64/pi3/win64 (with wine).

First create a ‘keropi’ folder in retroarch system directory. put the x68000 bios files in. Then launch emulator with some content (dim|zip|img|d88|88d|hdm|dup|2hd|xdf|hdf) F12 to enter menu.

here is a win64 build


thank you very much for the win build r-type


Hi Can we have Caprice32 for Amstrad CPC games?



sure :wink: since a long time that said it’s not based on the new dev started at


Currently MAME does not have a controller config option like FBalpha or other cores. Which makes using MAME kind of a pain at times. Would it be possible to add this option?


Um, then something is not right. On my list of downloadable cores there is only one Amstrad CPC Emulator: CrocoDS. Do I have to do something to see libreto-cap32 on that list?


That just means it’s not on the buildbot. You can compile it yourself (or get someone to do it for you), though.

@r-type: is that core relatively “finished”? That is, are you still working on it? Does it do what it’s supposed to? If so, we can see about putting it on the buildbot, as well.


@hunterk : Thanks for the info. If is added to buildbot it would be awesome.



i fix the win build , but it need more works to fix some nuklear behaviour that can freeze emu (like it was done in vice) .