Core and Feature Requests


Ah, gotcha. No hurry! :slight_smile:


Another feature request for the MSX core: Save states (at least, on the two versions of Retroarch I could test - Lakka on Raspberry Pi 3 and Windows, trying to use save states returns with “core doesn´t support save states”).



Any news on the Fmpeg? I’ve been using it for 4:3 playback full time and would love to see some improvements for it, like a seekbar, resume playback, and possibly simple playback buttons.


ok so being relatively new here I would like to suggest a couple things.

first is playstation 1 related. (seeing as none of the mednafen psx cores will work on my computer and frankly neither Does the pcsx rearmed. Could we get the pcsxr reloaded emulator ported in as a core?

and secondly what is the status of getting ps2 emulation into RetroArch?


Hello. Newbie here.

I would like to request a Nestopia (UE) Color Patch build that was released recently over at by a user named kya199.

This build allows for the attachment of color patches to classic NES games bumping the graphics to a much higher spectrum of colors.

Source and release can be found here: There’s even a libreto folder in the source files. If possible I would really like a functional Wii U core.

Thank you for your consideration.


That’s truly amazing! Something like this would bring new life to classic NES games, it would be awesome if more tile-replacements were done. I guess for now it’s only Castlevania?

Maybe the homebrew scene could also use something like this to overcome the 4 color limitations.

Some further explanation from kya in that thread:

[quote]As it was was already guessed, the patched emulator replaces original patterns with modified ones when rendering. If the replacement pattern is not found, the emulator renders the original one. Both the original and the replacement patterns are stored in a skin.png file. This file has no link to a ROM, so this indeed should work for basic level hacks, if the tiles themselves were not touched. And of course you can draw your own replacement patterns if you don’t like those in the skin.png. Another consequence of not being tied to a ROM is that graphics can be changed for any ROM by redrawing original patterns in a skin.png. But if you dare do this, you should be aware of some important limitations. I’ll write them down, if a need arises. [/quote]


Indeed. Something like this has lots of potential.

Thank you Ferk.


Actually, after reading the full thread, it looks like Mesen author is adding full proper support of HD packs compatible with HDNES (I had no idea about that one before) and it seems to be a much saner way to get graphical facelifts into NES titles (and it can replace music too, check out this metroid version).

It appears the Nestopia patch is a quick hack done for the Castlevania anniversary. Even the creator of the skin seems to prefer to redo it into an HD pack compatible with Mesen/HDNES. It probably makes most sense to get Mesen ported as a core, after the feature is added. Also, the possibility of a libretro port is even mentioned in the Mesen Github so the author seems to actually be open to have it upstream.

Also, Mesen seems to be becoming a hell of a NES emulator, I’d probably set it as my preferred one if it was ported to Retroarch.


Yeah, it’s a great emu and the author seems like a real nice fella.


I don’t know if this is the right place to ask, so i apologize in advance :slight_smile:

Seeing how the new Sharp core is so well optimized and smooth even on old (talking mainly mobile) configurations, compared to stand alone, would a core made specifically for the Cave SH3 hardware (games like Mushihime-sama, Deathsmiles, Espgaluda2, Ibara, DoDonpachi Daifukkatsu, etc) benefit from such a treatment?

Right now you can only play them in recent Mame cores (2015 +), and you need an Galaxy S8 or equivalent for a smooth experience.

Can same magic be applied in this case?


Its called the CAVE CV1000B, SH3 is the cpu, this is like calling the ps1 the “sony mips hardware”

And yes it could work perfectly on mobile phones, its a 133mhz cpu(n64 is 93mhz) and with a dynarec and optimized graphics emulation(not opengl, just any non mame renderer) it would work.

I could not even run Space Invaders 95(the Japanese only one that has the cute anime things) in mame on my galaxy nexus(its broke now, was 1.2ghz armv7 OC upto 1.5ghz) and it is only 2 16mhz 68000s(and some sound chips), this is how bad mame is for speed!



That would be a truly amazing thing :smiley: I even hear that none of the games made on the CV1000 use more than half that speed, which makes this even more attainable for low spec gear.

There was an emu made exclusively for these games (for android) in 2013 by MetalliC, one of the developers working on Demul (naomi board emulator) but he never released it to the public. He was running them flawlessly on (if i remember well) a Galaxy S2, with touch control and all.

Here’s a video runing the emu:


Hi, a compression format for isos or similar stuff to use in all cores, would be great.

Or why create the wheel again if we can adapt formats like .chd, .gz (PCSX2), .cso (PSP).

I think this is a must have feature.

Thanks for your work.


Currently BlueMSX does not support save states or the ability to bind keyboard keys to the controller. Makes playing games a pain since you have to use both the controller and the keyboard which is awkward. And since you can’t save the game through the in-game save function since it requires you to format a disk, it is impossible to save your progress with no save states.

Another suggestion i have is splitting Genesis Plus GX into individual cores per system similar to Mednafen or BSNES. Having separate core would make configuring those systems much easier.


Now that retroarch has a raw input driver, it would be great to see support for multiple mice for light gun games. Thank you.


@mothergoose729 Support for multiple mice is now part of RetroArch, starting with the nightly versions about a week ago. If you are running on Windows, you need to use the “winraw” input driver for multiple mice. In linux, the input driver should be set to “udev”.

If you are using a recent nightly, you will see a “mouse index” option which is now part of the player input controls.

If something isn’t working with multiple mice, please post a thread with 1) what you tried 2) what you expected to happen 3) what did happen and 4) retroarch log files.


Hi there, I ran into the same problem as Get_Rext on the RetroPie OS using libretro-nestopia. I can’t figure out any way to get the Famicom 4 player adapter to work, modifying NstDatabase.xml also doesn’t seem to help (there’s entries in there for 4 player Famicom games, but even if I modify the hashes to match my ROMs or use a ROM with an already matching hash I still am unable to play with more than 2 players). The US Four Score games work perfectly, it almost seems like the core might be forcing US four player support.

Does anyone know if there’s a way to get the JP four player adapter working in this core? Would definitely appreciate it for Nekketsu Kakutou Densetsu.


DID WE JUST BECOME BEST FRIENDS!? Lol Riki Kunio is one of my favorite games from the Kunio series, and I’m dying to play that game with a whole one person once in my life.

I’ve also looked into NstDatabase. NstManagerInput.cpp has callbacks for the Famicom adapter in it as well. Maybe you can try your luck with that?


Haha, same here. :slight_smile: Would be awesome to get this game working with proper 4P on the libretro Nestopia core so I could take it around on the RetroPie.

What’s weird about the NstDatabase.xml is despite verbose logging telling me that it’s loading the database at the location I expect, it doesn’t seem to matter what content I put in the XML. For example, if I change conformance to “strict” and remove all of the hashes, games still load like normal (and US Four Score games work no problem). I would think the strict flag and no recognizable hashes would make all of the games fail to load.

I did look into the NstManagerInput.cpp and there’s even an entry for Riki Kunio in the XML already (although the hash didn’t match any of the dumps I could find). I tried modifying it to match my ROM but it didn’t seem to make a difference. I think an option to force it like the Windows Nestopia as you pointed out earlier would probably be the best approach, but it would be nice to know if there’s a way to make it work with the current build (and it seems like there could be, I just haven’t had any luck).


I suggest opening an issue at The author maintains the libretro-ization upstream, so he’s the most likely to know how to fix it.