Core and Feature Requests


Awesome, thanks Hunter, I’ve done that now:


I know this is going to be a pretty niche request but I am going to throw it in here anyways. It would be really handy for the Atari 2600 Stella core to have a “Genesis Controller” option. The stand alone has support for this and is really handy considering some games have hacked versions available giving 2 button support when using a Genesis controller on the real system. The game H.E.R.O. is just one perfect example of this.


Hey Get_Rext, I found a way to make it work by making a small modification to libretro.cpp and recompiling the core. I don’t know if it’s the right change to make, but it seems to make both US and JP 4P games work correctly, you can see the change I made on the rdanbrook’s github:

You might also have to make sure your game’s hash values are set up correctly in NstDatabase.xml (the translated Riki Kunio/Nekketsu Kakutou Densetsu didn’t work until I added its hashes).

Hopefully this leads to a more robust/correct fix, but for the time being I’m pretty happy to have this game working correctly on the RetroPie now.


MY man! Thanks for the heads up, i’ll definitely check it out… Glad to see you got it working for yourself.


The change will probably make it into the core soon, once rdanbrook gets a chance to look at it (he’s been on vacation).


For cores that emulate a computer with hardware keyboard (FMSX, Hatari, BlueMSX, meowPC98, MiniVMAC, simcoupe, px68k, and more) it would be great to be able to, either of the following for use on systems without a keyboard (consoles):

  1. have access to all keys when mapping onto buttons (currently only the default set of keys can be remapped)
  2. Virtual/on-screen/touch-screen keyboard


Yes, that’s broken at the moment, there was an overlay before.

Being able to use the OSK that we have in the xmb menu (when doing search) during a core instance would be great.


Good to know it should be there.

Hopefully it will also be on the Nintendo 3DS version? I have to ask as that is where I do all my retro gaming. Currently whenever I see “Search” on 3DS I do not know what to do so I have to power off.


i would love to see a “MAME light Core” … compiled without the mostly uninportant drivers/systems (maybe this can exlude Crap like adult games, mechanical devices, unworking games and many more) simply to save disk-space. Such a Core would be Ideal for pack in smaller Distributions (Lakka).

Paired with a matching *.dat (and the brandnew RA-Mame-Scanning System) this can be a great out-of-the-box experience at all, i think :slight_smile:

FBA is great but is still missing many of my alltime favorite games that Mame supports since years ago.


Would it be easy enough to add “unlimited sprites” toggle feature for snes9x core? (similar to other nes, sms, gg emulators)

For shmup games (or some others that use lots of large sprites), it’d help with showing “invisible” tiles due purely to hardware limitation. And when it creates problems, we could always turn it back off.

Thanks for considering this! I only use Retroarch for all my emulator needs now because it has so many handy features, which are reusable across so many platforms and emulator cores.


These may be long shot feature requests, but here it goes.

  • A fix for NES video shimmering at non integer scales
  • Native Scanlines

The scanlines one. I am not talking about shaders/overlays. I am talking about a way to insert a black line in between every pixel row through emulation.


A fix for NES video shimmering at non integer scales

Not possible. That’s an effect of nearest neighbor scaling paired with non-integer scale factors. Your choices are: 1.) nearest scaling with shimmering, 2.) blurry linear scaling, or 3.) use one of the ‘retro’ shaders like pixellate, AANN or sharp bilinear to antialias the non-integer pixels.

Native Scanlines

What would be gained by making it a part of the core’s output?


Could look better than a shader and have no slowdown on lass powerful devices?


It won’t look any better. Pixels is pixels, and we already have a few very lightweight shaders that do exactly that (i.e., make every other line black; interlacing, scanline-fract, scanlines-sine-abs). If a device is even too potato for that, overlays can look exactly the same and have negligible performance impact.



Some core suggestions:

OpenMSX core, Laserdisc MSX games, and the best MSX emu.

Dahpne isn’t open source? Maybe Daphne singe?

BennuGD, Streets of Rage remake in glorious Fullscreen aspect ratio, and shaders.

OpenBOR or Paintown, the second one it has a mugen engine too.

Cannonball (outrun engine) would be good.

Raine? So we can play Neogeo CD games.


Hi, I’d like to request some keyboard inputs for ScummVM so that games are playable just from the controller.

To suggest somewhere to start for now, I recommend being able to press the number “0” key from the game pad. Just this would allow for the password bypass on Monkey Island 2, the sucker punch in Fate of Atlantis and a save game input for Simon the Sorcerer.


Oh and the videos in Discworld 2 run way too fast (about 3x speed) so might need a fix there.


You can play Neo Geo CD via the MAME core.

Now, I have to say that I ****ING HATE the MAME core with an absolute burning passion because you can’t just set your controls via RetroArch’s interface… which is the entire appeal of RetroArch… not dealing with different interfaces.

I assume it’s a technical hurdle of some kind that stops RA from treating controls in MAME like every single other core… but it’s still infuriating. (Been trying to get it to work for the last few years)

Anyway, if you’ve tackled that nonsense for remapping controllers in MAME, you not only get Neo Geo CD support, but you get the BIOS screen as well. I don’t think Raine was able to do that.


Not a perfect solution, but you could use something like Xpadder to map that “0” key to a button press. This is how I use most of the DOSBox games I play


Thanks but I can’t use xpadder as it clashes with what I use for Windows and Steam. Ideally it needs to be a feature within Retroarch. I can wait for it to be implemented at some point but, for now, the easiest solution is to get off my sofa to press the keyboard on occasion.


I think Osmose ( will be a good choice for a gamegear core as it let you play at 2, like the tgbdual core.