Core and Feature Requests


MAME 2014 - Support MESS.

MAME 2017 - No MESS support. They stop building with MESS.

Why not make MESS core alone? MESS 2017. Missing out the newer stuff added. Nobody want to use out of date cores.


What are you talking about?
Mess is merged with Mame in the most recent core, it’s 0.188.


Proof there is no MESS support on the MAME Core 0.188. I tried MESS games. No load.

I hope that get the message out.

Arcade part is working.


Does it work in the official standalone MAME/MESS 0.188? Could it be this is a regression on their side after they merged the MESS code?

EDIT: oh right… it’s the first video, sorry. I was accessing from work and I had the videos filtered.


If you watch the first video. Showing the Windows version of MAME64 0.188 boot GBA BIOS without a problem. RetroArch MAME core 0.188 crash on loading the GBA BIOS. Rest of the MESS games will crash as well.

I don’t think MESS source gotten compile with MAME at all. Probably just MAME source that gotten compile. Unless MESS got broken.


The MESS side work on stand-alone, I use it stand alone to play AES games


Have you guys set up the softlists, etc? Like in this thread from just a month ago?


Yes finally got things setup just so. Only thing is it really needs a mixture of cmd files AND using the softlistsfor certain emulation. I needed to mix it up because some things in the softlist (memory size for one example) were far easier to use that way. The rest were cmd files - a800, adam, bbcb, g7400, intv to name a few

My cmd files looked like this depending on emulator…

electron -cass “/storage/5ACA0207CA01E05D/cmdfiles/electron/3D Bomb Alley (1984)(Software Invasion).uef” -rp “/storage/5ACA0207CA01E05D/cmdfiles/electron” and to make sure i had the electron zip in that folder PLUS a sub folder with it extracted and the zip again :slight_smile:

Hope this helps



Tatsuya79 thanks for pointing out the issue. Nobody else didn’t even point out what causing the crashes.


Can you guys Add 3DO disc swapping to RetroArch? I cannot run Return Fire Maps O’ Death Without the original CD and there is No way to swap it


New feature request: time-stretch audio. Can be help if I have stable framerate, but not enough to fullspeed.

So audio should be same rate as video, without chirping, crackling etc.


Are plans to add chd support on PSX, Sega CD and other CD Based systems?


Not sure it it was suggested already, but would be awesome to have more bells and whistles in the Retroachievements feature, when I login in the website, I can see the icons of the challenges I mastered or still have to, so it would be nice to have a sort of pop up showing that icon along with the description, something like that. Is that even possible?


Seems this is in the pipeline:

Would be great.


I hope we get a separate ‘Crop Overscan - left’ and ‘Crop Overscan - right’ for the Genesis Plus GX - SMS core. Many SMS games (like Atari 2600) have a 8px black bar on the left side, ‘‘ruining’’ a nice centered image.

It’d also be nice if we get this for the Nestopia core too - crop each border separately.

And also hope we get a sprite limit disabler for Genesis Plus GX - SMS, Genesis cores too.

Hoping but it’s okay if it doesn’t happen. Wish I knew how to program and compile cores, but I don’t think they’d be github pull worthy even if I could.


This could be an interesting challenger to mednafen PSX if it would be ported to Libretro.

The projects name is psxact and looks very promising.

[quote] This project aims to emulate the PlayStation™ 1 console in an accurate fashion. No hacks or proprietary software will be used to accomplish this goal.

This emulator is designed to work “out of the box”, no plug-in hell required![/quote]


Hi, would there be any chance in future of a core for Nebulas CPS3 Emulator 1.0a (

It’s the only emulator I’ve come across that will run the european arcade version of Street Fighter III 3rd Strike without having to load the CD each time - the “NO CD” version in MAME is only available in Japanese.

It’s arguably one of the best 2D fighting games of all time, and this emulator is the best place to play it in English, so would be great if possible.

Many thanks


it’s not open source


Found out we can modify shaders to do the nes,sms cropping stuff for us. So I guess we don’t need it in the core feature after all.

Would’ve created a new topic in shaders but can’t do that yet. Sorry about this.

#pragma parameter LCROP "Crop Left" 0.0 0.0 1.0 1.0
#pragma parameter RCROP "Crop Right" 0.0 0.0 1.0 1.0

uniform float LCROP;
uniform float RCROP;
#define LCROP 0.0
#define RCROP 0.0

   - HLSL compilers
   - Cg   compilers

struct input
  float2 video_size;
  float2 texture_size;
  float2 output_size;
  float  frame_count;
  float  frame_direction;
  float frame_rotation;

void main_vertex
    float4 position    : POSITION,
    float4 color    : COLOR,
    float2 texCoord : TEXCOORD0,

    uniform float4x4 modelViewProj,
    uniform input IN,

    out float4 oPosition : POSITION,
    out float4 oColor    : COLOR,
    out float2 otexCoord : TEXCOORD
   float xpos = ( LCROP ? 0.00390625 : 0.0 ) + ( RCROP ? -0.00390625 : 0.0 );
   float ypos = 0.0;

   oPosition = mul(modelViewProj, position);
   oColor = color;
   otexCoord = texCoord + float2(xpos, ypos);

struct output 
   float4 color    : COLOR;

float4 main_fragment(float2 texCoord : TEXCOORD, in sampler2D s0 : TEXUNIT0, uniform input IN) : COLOR
   float2 fragcoord = texCoord.xy * (IN.texture_size.xy / IN.video_size.xy);
   float3 conColor = tex2D(s0, texCoord).rgb; // sample the texture

   float topmask = 0.0;
   float botmask = 0.0;
   float lmask = LCROP ? 0.03125 : 0.0;
   float rmask = RCROP ? 0.03125 : 0.0;

   conColor = fragcoord.y > topmask && fragcoord.y < (1.0 - botmask) ? conColor : 0.0;
   conColor = fragcoord.x > lmask && fragcoord.x < (1.0 - rmask) ? conColor : 0.0;

   return float4(conColor, 1.0);


Add turbo keys to VBA core would be nice as mGBA core :slight_smile: