Core and Feature Requests


libVLC core would be great! I know there already is ffmpeg… just sayin’


Is there a reason the Mednafen Saturn core is taking awhile to be updated to 0.9.47? Save state support is a notable highlight of this release.


other priorities, notably PPSSPP re-port. After that, I think Supermodel core port, then we can start looking at existing cores again. As always, if anyone else wants to take a stab at it, PRs are welcome.


A Phillips CD-I emulator would be great. Or a stand alone user friendly from the Mess core…


I wouldn’t mind for an upstream or cheat support for the turbo Graphics 16 and PC engine CD cores and regular Hue games


This emulator looks cool: EDIT: Haha people agree! :grinning:


I’d like to be able to assign a hotkey for the analog toggle in Mednafen PSX’s core options, is it possible?

Edit: I just discovered that what I wanted is already achieved by holding Start+Select+L1+L2+R1+R2, with analog toggle ON. I thought this setting would make analog sticks always off. Problem solved.


Totally appreciate that no one is ‘for sale’ to fix any requests, and I want to extend my appreciation for all improvements you are making :slight_smile:

One thing I consider a big miss is that it is not possible to map buttons outside of the standard XBox controller configuration. i.e. there aren’t enough button slots to map Jaguar and Atari 2600 keypad buttons.

I have raised this issue a few times, including here:

I am really surprised this doesn’t seem to be a priority issue, and would love to know others’ thoughts on this.


That sounds like a great bounty.


thanks mark. i might even pay for it outright given the chance! Please just give me a sign lol :slight_smile:


I think there is already an issue for this somewhere on github. It would be best to try to find it and attach the bounty there if I’m remembering right. If not perhaps its been mentioned by twinaphex on the blog.

I’ll try to find where there is already some description of this, perhaps you can too. If there is nothing already in writing about this we can start a new issue, but somehow I do think there is some preliminary work done on this already… somewhere…


Think I remember some official ish comments about extra retropad buttons. Maybe around the time a few pc emulator cores got added. Cpc maybe


Some recent talk here, specific to FBA but spilling over to RA frontend


I can’t find any prior issue in the retroarch repository matching this request.

For some reason the libretro-super repository is not configured for bounties. Could you close the issue there, and open it in the retroarch repository? Once you do that a link will appear below your description to allow a bounty to be set up.


Hi mark. Thanks again for the feedback. @Thatman84: I don’t quite see how this is a frontend issue, but it looks like the consensus is otherwise. I will create an issue there and put a bounty down. I will update the libretro issue post to point to the new issue, but is it necessary to mark as closed?

The mapping of DIP switches to buttons etc is all relevant to my request, just as colecovision, intellivision, etc, keypad mappings will be (if those cores are supported in the future). Trying to think what else would fall under this umbrella. Console controls would be another one (e.g. Atari 2600).

I actually have an advanced Android App beta that mimics keypad, console, and dip input for some console systems. I am hoping to release it for Retroarch… so I’m pretty invested in this issue tbh. The app would act as an auxiliary controller and allow DS bottom screen streaming + interaction, save sates management, etc. All pretty far advanced.


Sounds like a cool app


There are two reasons to open an Issue in the RetroArch github tracker. 1) it is part of libretro’s BountySource system 2) it is an appropriate ‘catch-all’ tracker for issues like yours that have a broad scope

There is one reason to close the Issue in the libretro-super github tracker: It’s not the appropriate place to log this particular issue. libretro-super is about the tools and meta-tools necessary to support the rest of the libretro ecosystem, but it has nothing to do with the input mapping system.

Please feel free to close it or not, but either way my point is that the best chance for action comes from an Issue in the correct tracker.


@markwidd, @Thatman84: Thank you for your help guys. I have created an issue on RetroArch github here:


Hi First of all I would like to thank the retroarch developers for the amazing work they put in . I have been using retroarch over a year now so thank you all.I’m new member I can’t post new topics so I figured I’ll ask here There have been an update for the Mednafen saturn to 0.9.48 while the core is at 0.9.45 I was wondering if someone knew about this or is someone updating the core? since now the following games are playable Real Sound Resident Evil SD Gundam G Century S Super Tempo Tennis ArenaTilk Yuukyuu Gensoukyoku Yuukyuu Gensoukyoku 2nd Album Yuukyuu Gensoukyoku ensemble Yuukyuu Gensoukyoku ensemble 2 Yuukyuu no Kobako Official Collection Zero4 Champ I’m mainly interested in Resident Evil tho since the saturn version backgrounds has higher resolution and the 3d models are remodeled.thanks in advance


We’re aware of it, but there are some complications beyond just dropping in the changes. Some other things have been taking higher priority, but we’ll get to it when we can.