Core and Feature Requests


Hi! I know the standalone version of Mr Boom has music, but could you incorporate it to the RA core too, please? It’s a nice addition!


adding chd support to psxrearmed


ANALOG INPUT BUTTONS/TRIGGERS (…for more cores…) could be awesome

at least for Dolphin and few other “newer” systems


Do you know what cores currently do have this activated? I couldn’t get analogue steering in beetle-Saturn, or Analog triggers in Reicast to work last night.

Also, I agree. Dolphin is a must for analogue triggers, since each of those shoulders is 2 inputs in one on a real controller.


The feature was just now added to the API, so it’ll take some time to trickle down to the cores that need it, and it’ll have to be added to each one individually. That is, it’s not a thing that is retroactively applied.

I think beetle-saturn should have it hooked up, but I’m not sure if it’s available for everything in that core that could/should use it.


Ohhh I think I get it now. So like, in RetroArch it’s now ‘possible’ but it has to be configured to even function in each respective core?


You have to switch to the 3D pad in input settings to enable analog in Beetle-Saturn. I tested the triggers and stick in Sega Rally Championship Netlink Edition (I think the original US version didn’t have 3D pad support) and everything was proper analog.


Yeah, I switched over to the 3D pad. It disabled the d-pad for steering, but it was kicking in from 0 to full-notch when I turned the analogue stick enough.

I was using the JP version, 'cause I heard that had analogue support… but the B button was gas so I wondered. I’ll try the netlink edition. Honestly it’s sad I don’t have that version anyway.

Are there any other games that feature analogue on the stick or triggers?


NiGHTS and Christmas NiGHTS, Panzer Dragoon Zwei and Saga all support analog movement or aiming.


I wanted to mention that the Sega Ages OutRun port is particularly good in the Beetle Saturn core. Just remember to press select after selecting the 3D Pad as your input to enable analog stick and trigger control. It seems to remember this so you don’t need to do it the next time you launch the game. The 60FPS smooth mode you can select by holding A + C and pressing left or right on the Game Mode option is excellent and so is the arranged soundtrack option. Until someone ports the CannonBall engine to Libretro, this is probably the best way to play OutRun in RetroArch (unless the extra input lag some users notice in this core bothers you).


Please bring us a internal joystick-calibration tool for Lakka. If we get this, it may solve the nasty analog input range issues with some cores on some hardware.

here are a few older post related (directly or indirectly) to the issue.


I have some questions about pcem: in future it will be active on retroarch? and it will emulate dos games or win95/98 games?


Does select act this way in all saturn games with analogue control? Like how the DualShock on PSX had that analogue toggle button?


Seems like it. You press it to toggle analog and digital modes.


mame 0.192 autofire request.The user doesn’t have to hold down the A button the character can automatically shoot, then click A to stop shooting, and then click A to start shooting。


It appears that the newest o2em core for ARM (updated 12/24/17) produces a cyclic, low frequency, static noise on most roms. Alien Invaders - Plus, Cosmic Conflict, Golf… just to name a few.


Retroarch is great! I have 1 request and it is for the MAME cores… See topic:

The official MAME app doesn’t have an issue with rotated monitors so I’ve been using that instead for arcade but I miss out on having everything on retroarch.

I’m sorry if it is too much to ask but the only solution I’ve been given is to use special vertical scanlines or FBAlpha cores which, IMO, are not ideal.



Wondering if we can get a few more recent Mame Cores (Current, 2016. 2014) for the Android 64-Bit version. That would be great as im sure the performance will be better for this current generation of devices, especially the Nvidia Shield TV.

Or if its possible to compile my own 64 bit versions, while i’m not totally familiar with android compiling as of yet, i am learning a bit and have compiled in Linux a time back.

Overall, excellent job with Retroarch, is by far the easiest way to play with the least amount of configuration needed (depending on your core). It global settings across cores make this a godsend!


Can someone get in touch with the developer of the PS3 emulator RPCS3 and possibly see if there is a way to build a core from it? As of this writing, the system only runs on Windows and Linux OS. But I have downloaded and ran the Linux (My version is Debian 9)AppImage emulator myself and it works near perfect ( slight graphics lag, but my PC isn’t built for high level gaming). Thanks again!

P.S. is there any more progress for the Amiga core?


We’re collaborating with them already to ensure that the PS3 port of RetroArch functions in RPCS3, which has been beneficial for both projects. I believe there were some positive talks of a libretro port, so it could happen at some point (there have been no actual moves toward it at this point, AFAIK, so no ETA obviously).